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Tata Chemicals' TCSRD brings the Life Line Express to Mithapur

The world's first hospital on wheels — the Life Line Express will be running through Jamnagar district for the first time between November 21, 2004 and December 21, 2004. Impact India Foundation is the managing organisation, while Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD), the community development wing of Tata Chemicals Limited, forms the sponsor for this event. The state government's health and family welfare department, Indian Railways, NGOs, medical and para medical professionals are some of the other organisations involved in this cause.

The journey of the Life Line Express started on July 16, 1991 and caters to the urgent needs of the handicapped in remote and inaccessible areas. The railway network in the country, which covers more than 70,000 kilometres of track, acts as a catalyst thereby creating the potential of bringing vital health services to the remote corners of the country.

Said Alka Talwar, head, community development, TCSRD, "The concept of Life Line Express ensures that world-class medical facilities reach the remotest of places, thus giving the rural folk an opportunity to avail of the medical facilities which they otherwise are deprived of."

The Life Line Express consists of four railway coaches equipped with sophisticated medical and surgical facilities, as well as a training centre for doctors. It provides on-the-spot diagnostic, medical and surgical treatment completely free of charge.

Some of the services the Life Line Express provides include restoration of movement to polio affected persons, restoration of sight through cataract operations, intra-ocular lens implants, counselling guidance and referral services, cleft lip surgeries, middle ear surgeries and many more.

Said B Sudhakar, head, corporate HR and communications, Tata Chemicals, "True to the Tata Group philosophy and central to the corporate philosophy of Tata Chemicals is the commitment of improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. TCSRD has always undertaken development initiatives and have been involved in partnering and networking with various development agencies, corporate bodies and NGOs to implement appropriate community development programmes. The Life Line Express is one such initiative that is close to our heart and is a concept that helps provide services in places where there are no great hospital facilities."

The Life Line Express at Mithapur will be inaugurated on November 20, 2004, and the services will be available up to December 21, 2004. Today, Tata Chemicals, through TCSRD is bringing to Mithapur (Dwarka Taluka and Jamnagar District) the world famous Community Health Project of Impact India through this Life Line Express.

Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) set up the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) in 1980 to promote its social objectives for the communities in and around Mithapur and Babrala, where its facilities are located.

The Society works to protect and nurture the rural populations in and around TCL's facilities, and helps people achieve self-sufficiency in natural resource management, livelihood support and the building of health and education infrastructure.

Taking into account the different geographical spread of the two regions and their individual subcultures, different agricultural, economic and development programmes have been implemented in Mithapur (in Okhamandal) and Babrala.