Crushed Refined Soda (CRS)


Crushed Refined Soda (CRS) is naturally occurring sodium sesquicarbonate obtained by the crushing and washing the ore from Lake Magadi. With a chemical composition of Na2CO3.NaHCO3.H20. CRS is available wet with a surface moisture of 4% and dry with a surface moisture of 1%.

Application of Crushed Refined Soda

  1. Manufacture of Soda Ash
  2. Manufacture of Sodium Silicate
  3. Animal Feed additives
  4. Raw tabacco chewing
  5. Mining applications
  6. Metallurgy
  7. Effluent treatment
  8. Water treatment
  9. Flue gas treatement
  10. Compost treatment
  11. Pit latine treatment
  12. Battery industry