Magadi Mineral Block


A high quality mineral supplement formulated for meat and milk producing livestock including cattle, goats, sheep. Our mineral brick contains a unique formulation of sodium chloride, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, iodine and selenium mixed in the right ratios to maximize production. Spray dried molasses increases energy content and improves palatability.

Magadi Mineral Brick also improves appetite and digestion, improves resistance to diseases, aids in stronger bones, faster growth and maturity, and improves the health of your livestock as well as milk production.

Magadi Mineral Brick is affordable and available in 2KG and 5KG in all agro-vets country wide.

FAQ’s – update this

1.Why should I feed my animals with Magadi Mineral Brick?
Salt is a necessary mineral for livestock and they need to consume it on a regular basis. Magadi Mineral Brick is vital for essential bodily functions including muscle & nervous function, water balance, proper development & functioning of circulatory and skeletal systems, stronger bones and overall improvement of the health of your livestock. It also contains spray dried molasses which gives energy to the livestock.

2.How should I feed my cattle with Magadi Mineral Brick?
Ideally, it should be fed on a free choice basis to livestock provided there is an adequate supply of water.

3.What are some of the signs of salt deficiency?
Restriction of salt in animal diet may result to animals feeding on items such as wood, dirt, rock, cloth etc, trying to satisfy its instinctive taste for salt. It may also lead to poor feed conversion, poor weight gain, low production, lower quality grade, essentially reduced overall performance of your livestock.

4.Which livestock should I feed on Magadi Mineral Brick?
Magadi Mineral brick ideal for all cattle, sheep, goat & camel.

5.Can livestock over consume salt?
Unless they had been deprived, livestock will normally NOT over consume salt. If they had been deprived, they will eat excess amounts causing imbalance of sodium levels in their bodies. Always allow access to plenty of water during this time.

6.Does Magadi Mineral Brick contain any chemicals?
No, Magadi Livestock Salt is naturally harvested and dried.

7.Where can I get Magadi Mineral Brick?
Magadi Mineral Brick is available in agro vets & general wholesalers countrywide in 2kg and 5kg packs.

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