Safety and environment


Our products are widely used to ensure environmental compliance, including neutralisation of gaseous emissions and the treatment of industrial process and drinking water.

Sodium bicarbonate is now increasingly used for the treatment of acidic flue gases, in response to the requirements of environmental legislation. Tata Chemicals Europe has developed Briskarb®– a special branded offering of sodium bicarbonate to meet the needs of many different industries for flue gas treatment. The use of Briskarb® has been shown to be more efficient and cost effective than alternative alkaline reagents.

Sodium bicarbonate, by virtue of its inert nature, is used to coat combustible areas to douse fires. Fire extinguishers contain a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate. We manufacture sodium bicarbonate grades (technical and refined) which, on further processing, are used in the production and refilling of fire-extinguishing chemicals, both handheld (used in workplaces and homes) and bigger models (used in factories).

Due to their solubility and pH properties, both soda ash and sodium bicarbonate are used to treat industrial process and drinking water. Light soda ash is used to manufacture water-softening chemicals. It also converts the bicarbonates in hard water into precipitates and neutralises the acids in water.

Soda ash is widely used in the treatment of aqueous and gaseous emissions. In the treatment of wastewater and potable water, it is used both to neutralise and buffer the water and to assist in the control of the pH.

Calcium chloride is used to treat waste streams by precipitating out insoluble salts and to remove contaminants from the wet scrubber stage of incineration processes.