Tata Chemicals' customers in the metal-processing industry have built a strong bond with the company's trustworthy products. We are one of the leading suppliers of granular soda ash, light soda ash and sodium bicarbonate to the metal-processing industry. We also offer the option of customising its products to meet the specific requirements of its buyers.

The granular soda ash manufactured by TCL is a high-quality product which is used in the steel industry to remove sulphur from iron ore, give fluidity to slag, and smoothen blast furnace operations during the manufacture of iron and steel. We are also a major supplier of light soda ash to the aluminium industry.

Sodium bicarbonate, both the technical and refined varieties, is used in the plating of gold and platinum. Our products meet the purity standards required by gold and platinum-platers to ensure high quality end-products.

Metal salts for steel production

Nickel Hydroxide cake is a product of our Lithium-ion battery recycling business. It is used in production of stainless steel alloys during the iron smelting process.