Other applications


Tata Chemicals’ specialty grade silica can be used for several applications such as battery separators, leather chemicals, guar gums, waste water management, fire retardant, defoamers application, paper chemicals, textile auxiliaries, etc.

Tata Chemicals’ specialty grade silica is suitable for battery separator applications because of controlled surface porosity. It is used for pore creation in PE separators. Our silica makes battery separator hydrophilic and improves electrolyte wettability with electrical resistance.

Tata Chemicals specialty grade silica can be used as scrub surfaces by means of mechanical abrasion. Its large surface area helps carry active ingredients and fragrances in to the system and improves release of actives during washing. It is used as a good carrier for ceramics colours; helps improve rheological properties of tile adhesives.

ZnSpers — A superior quality of dispersible nano zinc oxide, developed using innovative nanotechnology, is perfect for houseware (household, kitchen, toys) or commercial (packaging, office spaces) and healthcare, owing to its non-leaching properties.

Znmer- Functionalised nZnO exhibits strong antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi owing to its smaller size and large surface area. Tata Chemicals has successfully deployed its nZnO formulation, in alliance with a customer, in face masks used by healthcare workers and the general public. It is being utilised as a preventive measure for impeding the transmission of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metal salts for industry

Our lithium-ion battery recycling unit is a source of metal salts which have wide applications in varied industries.

  • Cobalt Sulfate (CoSO4) is used as a precursor for other cobalt salts
  • Manganese Sulfate solution(MnSO4) is used in industrial plating
  • Nickel Hydroxide cake has varied applications:
    • Electroplating
    • Industrial catalyst
    • Coins
    • Welding products — coated electrodes, filter wire
    • Pigments
    • Electronic products