Standard Ash Magadi (SAM)


Magadi soda ash is a NATURAL SODA ASH, principally used in the glass industry, as it is highly suitable for the manufacture of bottles, jars, container glass, figured glass as well as flat glass. Other areas of use include:

  1. Glass
  2.  Manufacture of sodium silicate and other sodium compounds
  3. Soda Ash is also used to produce sodium chromate, which is usually further processed to yield sodium dichromate or chromic acid. Chromium compounds are used in a number of applications, including pigments, preservatives (example wood and leather) catalysts, and chrome plating.
  4. Formulation of detergents, soap and rayon
  5. Soda Crystals Manufacture
  6. Water Softening
  7. Pulp and paper industry
  8. Steel and metallurgical industries
  9. Caustic Liquor Manufacture
  10. Used in the textile, dyeing and bleaching industries, souring wool and cotton.