Company profile


Tata Chemicals South Africa (TCSA) is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals Limited one of Tata Sons Holding group of companies. TCSA is situated in the Port of Durban and is one of the largest importers of a chemical sodium carbonate (Soda Ash) into South Africa.

Tata Chemicals is a world leader in production of soda ash and the most geographically-diversified soda ash company. Soda ash is manufactured in Tata Chemicals’ facilities in India, North America, UK and Kenya.

TCSA's core business is handling and distribution of Soda Ash. It is shipped as a bulk commodity and arrives at the Durban terminal for sale to local and neighbouring markets. TCSA distributes Soda Ash Dense into the following industrial sectors:

  • Glass
  • Detergents
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Food and retail
  • Pharmaceutical

In Durban, TCSA is well positioned with facilities that allow for handling from ship to shore and vice versa, coupled with one of the best-established distribution networks in South Africa.

The company intends to continue its successful approach developed over the last few years of growing its distribution networks through a market diversification strategy. It will focus on product diversification to balance its portfolio and distribute chemicals that will complement current businesses and provide access to new markets.

In pursuing further expansions, TCSA will implement its LIFE culture, focussed on considering living, industrial and farming essentials throughout all of its operations.

Leveraging the latest innovations and scientific developments, TCSA ensures that it continuously bolsters its product portfolio whilst bettering the lives of communities that it serves whilst remaining sustainable. TCSA will continue to focus on harnessing the fruits of science for goals that go beyond business in everything it does.