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Tata Chemicals launches li-ion battery recycling operations

In keeping with our entry into the energy sciences opportunities in the country, Tata Chemicals marks an important milestone by successfully commencing the commercial recovery of cathode active materials from spent lithium-ion cells/batteries. This further strengthens our commitment to long-term sustainable practices as we build a circular economy around our energy sciences business.

 Li-ion battery recycling recovers valuable metals like Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and Manganese at 99 percent plus purity with-in Industry leading levels of yield. As a result, we will reduce environmental pollution, save energy and natural resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth. The Recycling operations are carried out at a 3P facility located near Mumbai. The operations, launched at pilot scale, has successfully recycled the spent Li-ion batteries and we endeavor to scale it to recycle 500 tons of spent Li-ion batteries.

 We will continue to pursue our quest for developing cutting edge, Science-led Chemistry as we build our Specialty Chemistry portfolio.