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Tata Chemicals launches Paras 20:20:0:13 ammonium phosphate sulphate fertiliser

Patna: Tata Chemicals, a leading crop nutrition, and agri-solution manufacturer and marketer, announced the launch of Tata Paras 20:20:0:13, an ammonium phosphate sulphate fertiliser. This is aimed at addressing the larger national issue of excessive depletion of micronutrients from the soil by indiscriminate and inadequate use of fertilisers.

Furthering the principle of "Sampoorna santulit poshan", which has made Paras the preferred brand of choice over the last 25 years, Tata Paras 20:20:0:13 is specially designed to meet the needs of a phosphorus-deficient soil as well as sulphur-loving crops. Besides two macronutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus), Tata Paras 20:20:0:13 provides Sulphur – the fourth most important nutrient after N, P and K. The 1:1 ratio of Nitrogen and Phosphorus is beneficial for vegetables and many other crops. Being granular in form, Paras 20:20:0:13 is easy to handle and can be applied using any mode, viz. broadcasting, placement or drilling. As granules absorb very little water, the fertiliser can be stored longer under normal warehouse conditions.

Speaking about this launch Mr DK Sundar, senior vice president, Fertilisers, Tata Chemicals, stated, "The introduction of Tata Paras 20:20:0:13 is based on an in-depth understanding of farmers' requirements where we found a clear need for a high-quality fertiliser offering in this space. The Paras 20:20:0:13 product has been designed to address the need of constant nutritional change in the soil and enable the farmers to efficiently improve soil quality and overall crop productivity."

Tata Chemicals farm essentials division will undertake mass farmer awareness programmes and farm level demonstrations in key target markets to explain the key features and benefits of the products by offering first-hand user experience.

Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium are key agro-nutrients for crops. Tata Chemicals is present in all three crop nutrition groups through its fertiliser product base that spans:

  • Urea (a nitrogenous fertiliser)
  • Di-ammonium phosphate (contains both Nitrogen and Phosphorus)
  • NP and NPK complexes
  • Single super phosphates

Additionally, the company imports and sells muriate of potash (MOP) and supplies organic fertilisers and other specialty fertilisers and micronutrients, which are required to meet the nutritional need of the soil and to improve soil health. All these offering are under the brand name "Tata Paras".