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Tata Chemicals unleashes a new TVC campaign on Independence Day to reiterate Tata Salt’s positioning as ‘Desh Ka Namak’

Ghul Mil – Unity in Diversity

On Independence Day, Tata Chemicals Limited unveiled its new television commercial (TVC) campaign - ‘Ghul Mil’, to reinforce trust and credibility of Tata Salt being ‘Desh Ka Namak’. The 40-second TVC, conceptualized by Leo Burnett, establishes the main message by leveraging purity of Tata Salt and thereby endorsing its position as ‘Desh Ka Namak’. The TVC aims to establish the functional superiority of absolute purity through a nationalistic emotional connect and drive home the idea – the way Tata Salt dissolves completely in water, we Indians dissolve completely in our culture, irrespective of diversity.

The entire commercial highlights the ‘Ghul Mil’ effect and drives home the point that Tata Salt is so pure that when one dissolves a spoon of Tata Salt in a glass of water, it leaves behind absolutely no residue - a unique and strong consumer benefit which only Tata Salt can own in this category.

The commercial showcases a montage of shots that celebrate the spirit of Indianness – which is shown through the celebrations of different Indian festivals like Holi, Onam, and Baisakhi by Indians from various casts and cultures. Festivals like these bind the country together and also highlight the ‘return to home’ feeling. The ‘Ghul Mil’ TVC hopes to reach out to the masses and create oneness among them.