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Tata Chemicals launches ‘Paras Farmoola’

  • Another breakthrough in the field of farming from the Tatas
  • India’s first customised fertiliser – an innovation in crop nutrition

New Delhi: Tata Chemicals, today, launched Paras Farmoola, a pioneering R&D-based offering which is the first crop- and region-specific customised fertiliser that provides balanced crop nutrition to the soil, boosts the productivity of crops and improves the overall quality of the yield. This is yet another innovation by Tata Chemicals, aimed at addressing the larger national issue of decreasing food production due to excessive depletion of secondary and micro nutrients from the soil by indiscriminate and inadequate use of fertilisers.

Paras Farmoola is a knowledge-based easy-to-use basal fertiliser. It is a crop- and region-specific nutrient application which aims at providing convenience to farmers in easy application. It does away with the mixing of different nutrients and minerals in different forms, in a ready-to-use, granulated manner, which will help in uniform dispersion of nutrients in the farmers’ fields.

Paras Farmoola is designed to contain macro and micro nutrients as per the requirements in a specific region. Paras Farmoola applications will promote sustainable agriculture by maintaining and providing the best nutritional package for better plant growth and premium quality output. It delivers balanced crop nutrition by taking care of secondary- and micro-nutrients deficiencies, which enhances crop productivity by maintaining soil health.

Speaking at the launch R Mukundan, managing director, Tata Chemicals, said, “Tata Chemicals has always endeavoured to bring out newer innovations for the betterment of society and now after extensive research, we have come out with Paras Farmoola that would empower the farmers to revive the green revolution by effectively increasing the quality and quantity of the yield and at the same time help in maintaining the soil health. Paras Farmoola will bring India at par with advanced countries which are switching to application of fertilisers that are crop- and region-specific.”
Tata Chemicals is the pioneer company in India to set up a state-of-the-art production facility for customised fertilisers at Babrala in Bhimnagar district of UP, with a manufacturing capacity of 130,000MT/annum.

Tata Chemicals has developed Paras Farmoola for selected crops in a specific region based on soil, crop and water sample analysis. At the Centre for Agriculture and Technology, Tata Chemicals, Aligarh, where extensive R&D in the crop nutrition and agri space is done, tacit knowledge has been integrated with scientific research (QUEFTS and STCR) to ensure its efficiency.

Paras Farmoola has been developed for four key crops namely paddy, wheat, potato and sugarcane. Performance of Paras Farmoola has been validated on farmer fields and at 12 Krishi Vigyaan Kendras by conducting 300 research experiments in 25 districts in Western UP.

Key benefits of Paras Farmoola can be summarised as:
  • Key benefits of Paras Farmoola can be summarised as:
  • Enhances crop productivity with a better benefit-to-cost ratio.
  • Convenient to use as it is a one-time application of all macro and micro nutrients except nitrogen.
  • Promotes balanced application of nutrients (removed the feature on eco-friendly product).
  • Granulated for uniform distribution.