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Tata Chemicals employees imbibe wellness through Oorja — TCL's annual theatre fest

"If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need" … That was the message which all the Oorja Regional Stars gave at the very much awaited "Oorja Mega Finals Night" in Mumbai on March 25, 2011.

Tata Chemicals (TCL) Oorja mega finals were held in Mumbai on March 25, 2011, with the best teams across the regions of Mithapur, Babrala, Haldia and Mumbai, all set to showcase their theatrical best and bag the prestigious Oorjakshetra trophy. The theme for this year's Oorja was 'Wellness – healthy, wealthy and wise", which was chosen aptly keeping the focus on the importance of promoting health and wellness in mind. The Oorjakshetra trophy was bagged by the Innovation Centre team who delivered the wellness concept beautifully in their play "It's Time to Think".

The evening began at Hotel Intercontinental with the lighting of the lamp by TCL's senior management team. The audience were then given a glimpse of the marvellous Oorja journey from 2004 – 2011 and the Oorja curtain raiser — "The Power of Five", post which Oorja 2011 was declared open by R Mukundan, MD, TCL.

The Oorja prelims experience on wellness was also showcased to the audience, which truly captured the upbeat and energising mood and thoughts of teams participating from each region. The esteemed panel of judges for the evening comprised Shohab Rais, SG Choudhary and T Vinod Kumar. A special presentation on the launch of the global website and an animation film on global branding — "The Power of One", were also showcased by Sujit Patil amidst a round of applause.

One after the other, rock-solid performances were delivered by all the seven teams demonstrating what wellness means to them as well as what it implies for all at TCL. They captured the essence of wellness through the five dimensions of physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and intellectual.

The audience also had a great time with stand-up comedian Nitin Bhandarkar and mind reader Mohit Rao. An added attraction of the evening was a dance performance by Soma Mukherjee, wife of Pinaki Mukherjee from TCL Haldia. The kids at the venue also had a great time at the fun zone created exclusively for them.

The Best Actor Female, Best Actor Male and Best Actor Child Artist went to Mita Shukla, Satyen Pandya from Mithapur, and Aditi Shukla from Babrala, respectively.

Hope volunteers who made that extra effort in bringing smiles to someone's life with their love and care were also felicitated by Mr Mukundan.

This year's Oorja was special as live global webcast across locations was done and employees across geographies and locations witnessed the same live.

Overall, Oorja 2011 on wellness was a true blend of energy, exuberance and enthusiasm with employees demonstrating and imbibing the secret of overall wellbeing and happiness — wellness.