Tata Chemicals says it with pictures

Employees play Pictionary at Bombay House as a part of the 'Fun Fridays' initiative

Friday evening saw the TCL Bombay House team, getting together at the office cafeteria to participate in all-time-favourite game of ‘Pictionary’. This activity was organised by the TCL Fun Committee as a part of the 'Fun Fridays' initiative, through which, TCL endeavours to help employees begin the weekend on a happy note.

A flip chart board and markers were set out in the Bombay House cafeteria. Employees were divided into three teams; each team was asked to nominate one team member who was then given a secret word by the game organisers. The nominated team member was then asked to draw the word, while other team members tried to guess the secret word. The rules of the game were explained, time limits set and the game began.

With the organisers giving the teams complicated words like ‘pounce’, ‘junk mail’, ‘slow motion’ among others, the game was replete with
friendly squabbles over scores, nudging and confusing the rival teams, and fun guesses as the team member attempted to draw out the word. The winning team was awarded a box of chocolates, which they sportingly shared with everyone present.

The activity was a perfect combination of fun and intellect, and reinforced the organisation's emphasis on employee wellness and efforts at making TCL a great place to work.