Why Low Oil Besan is healthier for you

The besan market is estimated to be Rs20,000 crore, but the product is associated with guilt, because of its heavy usage in fried snacks. Around 40% of the besan is used in the making of fried snacks, such as pakoras, bhajjis, sev and gathiyas. To make snacks crispier, they are often deep fried, which leads to higher oil absorption. This increases the chances of weight gain and other health issues. Therefore, consumers look forward to ways to prepare besan snacks with less oil, while retaining the same taste and crispiness.

How the Low Absorb technology works
Our fine besan has smaller and more uniform particle size, leading to better particle-particle interaction, which in turn leads to homogeneous batter and uniform coating. Increased starch degradation results in repelling of oil particles into the core of the food. Therefore, our fine besan makes more pakodas and absorbs less oil, compared to other besan products sold in the market.

The Tata Sampann difference
Our portfolio consists of Tata Sampann Low Oil Absorb Besan and Tata Sampann Fine Besan. The business is focused on driving the ‘Low Oil Absorb’ differentiation through brand building initiatives and on ground activation. We are fast expanding the distribution of low oil absorb besan through multiple channels to be available at the right places and be in step with consumer aspirations.

At Tata Sampann, we believe in bringing moments of delight in every meal, packed with unique nutritional benefits. Our products are meant for contemporary Indians, who prefer delicious healthy food as a lifestyle choice.