Next-gen technologies for future readiness

Tata Chemicals has been the forefront of Science and Chemistry Innovation since 1939. The company’s innovation strategy focuses on delivering science-led differentiation of products and services, underpinned by technology, sustainability, passion of the people and serving communities, while delivering Operational Excellence and superior customer experiences, worldwide.

An innovation bent
The company develops cutting-edge technological solutions by following a customer-centric and scientific problem-solving approach. "At Tata Chemicals, we have invested in world-class R&D facilities focused on developing next-generation and science-differentiated innovations in performance material sciences, nutrition and agri sciences," explains Dr Richard Lobo, Head of Innovation & CQH (Business Excellence) at Tata Chemicals.

Tata Chemicals has filed 163 patents cumulatively and generates intellectual capital some of which are evidenced through publications in international peer-reviewed journals. It has consistently focused on developing significant competencies in Fermentation Technology, Bio Technology, Molecular Breeding, Nano Technology, Performance materials Synthesis and recently, use of data analytics, and applied computational biology in R&D.

Over the years, Tata Chemicals' innovation teams, through the R&D centres in the country, have developed and delivered many unique products, including

  • Highly Dispersible Silica created through a green and patented technology to improve tire performance and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Nano ZnO as an anti-microbial and antiviral ingredient for use in PPEs in the fight against Covid-19, apart from its use in cosmetics and other industrial applications.
  • Development of synergistically acting symbiotics for immunity, long-chain oligofructose (Inulin), and enzyme encapsulation technology with better thermo-stability to enhance shelf life.
  • Staple food fortification pre-mixes, FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides)/ prebiotics as a natural sweetener in sugar-free Chyawanprash to improve immunity during the pandemic.
  • Medikarb - India's first branded pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate.
  • Development of natural extracts with high bio-actives for the food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • GMS (Genotyping by multiplexed sequencing) marker development and deployment in cotton and chilli.
  • Water-soluble fertilisers, including Aquafert Foliar for vegetables and Aquafert Fertigation for grapes.

The company’s innovation impact has been consistently recognised. Some of the recognitions are CII 'India's Top 25 Most Innovative Companies' for three consecutive years in a row ( 2019 ,2020 and 2021), FICCI 'Product Innovator of the Year' in 2021, the coveted Indian Chemical Council’s Acharya P.C. Ray Award in 2020.

Tata Chemicals consistently sets the bar high in product innovation.

The roadmap ahead
Tata Chemicals has now set its sights on developing capabilities in synthetic biology - simulation, gene synthesis and over-expression for enzymes. It also wants to delve into developing RGA (Rapid Generation Advance) technologies across crops, strengthening gene-editing capabilities, improving bio-actives availability in medicinal herbs through aeroponics, performance silica and materials, chemical intermediates, and flow chemistry.

Tata Chemicals plans to strategically deploy IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, data analytics, and technology to sharpen its innovation operations further. It has already begun using machine learning algorithms for genomic prediction in maize.

With purposeful innovation , Tata Chemicals contributes significantly to the Innovation movement keeping Sustainability and Responsible R&D at the core, while delivering on the mission of Serving Society through Science.