Magadi quality gets seal of approval

Tata Chemicals Magadi (TCM) has received recognition for its quality control processes with the award of a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate. The certification scope includes the manufacture, marketing and supply of soda ash, crushed refined soda and salt from Magadi.

TCML head of quality, Wilson Lusalenge explains what the certification represents: “GMP certification can be awarded to enterprises across different industries. All facets of production are covered from the location, plant, equipment, facilities, personnel, raw materials, production and operation, inspection, storage, transportation, complaints, recalls, product information to training and other aspects of regulations, helping enterprises implement good manufacturing and operating practices to ensure product quality, safety and suitability for consumption. Detailed, written procedures are drafted for each process that affects the quality of the finished product. There must be systems to provide documented proof that those procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process every time a product is made.”

The process, which began in February 2017, involved the creation of a GMP manual, staff training and two rounds of onsite audits. The certificate was handed over to the management team at Magadi in April 2017. Managing Director, Eng. Jackson Mbui received the award and praised TCML team’s capacity to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Wilson explains the benefits to the organization of GMP certification: “It’s proof of the enterprise's capabilities in product quality and safety assurance. It enables employees to develop good production and operations habits and by doing so it reduces safety and quality risks. Timely detection of production and quality management gaps reduces costs. It also makes it easier for us to understand and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

“Externally it enhances our international credibility and increases customers’ long-term confidence in Tata Chemicals Magadi and its products,” he says.

The certification was awarded by Bureau Veritas Kenya, part of the 180 year-old testing, inspection and certification business and contribute towards continuous improvement of our business activities.