Nano Zinc Oxide (ZnSpers)


New functional Nano Zinc Oxide (ZnSpers) from Tata Chemicals offers improved anti-fungal, anti-microbial and UV blocking properties as ingredient for various industrial and cosmetic applications. We make both industrial and cosmetic grade nano zinc oxide available in options of microfine powder as well as solution to suit your needs.

To know more about how our functional zinc oxide can benefit your business, contact: Detail product specification sheet is available

Small is Powerful

As technology becomes bigger, the world becomes smaller. So do the molecules. We have been constantly innovating in nanotechnology to bring out better capabilities in molecules.

Our process patented nano zinc oxide ensures that our product is free of harmful heavy metal compounds. ZnSpers is a perfect example of great efficiency packed in nano units.

High Dispersibility

ZnSpers disperses better than regular nano zinc oxide, making it uniform and almost transparent. You can use it on any surface without the cloudy appearance.

Water Dispersible

Our patented product is the only nano zinc oxide that is dispersible in water, glycols and organic solvents giving you the freedom to choose your medium.

Anti-bacterial / Anti-fungal

A 0.8% of ZnSpers in your product has a microbial reduction of >99%. Prevents bacteria, mould, fungus, odour and stain, thus extending your product life. No heavy metal compounds. Safe for children and babies.

Broad Spectrum UV Blocking

A wide spectrum UV blocking means that, unlike other UV blockers, ZnSpers blocks the entire wavelength of ultra-violet light (290 – 400nm, UVA & UVB). Complete protection at the surface and beneath.

Applications – Industrial Grade

ZnSpers can be used in a wide range of industrial as well as cosmetic applications. A small quantity of our product can boost the value you can add to your clients. Some of the applications include (but not limited to) paints/coatings, adhesives, cosmetics and plastics.


Paints: ZnSpers has better UV blocking & anti-microbial properties which means your coatings are retain their colour and shine much longer.




Plastics: ZnSpers is non-leaching unlike most other anti-microbial materials. It means it does not lose its anti-bacterial properties with time. Perfect for houseware (household, kitchen, toys) or commercial (packaging, office spaces) and healthcare.




Adhesives: Znspers can withstand temperatures upto 200?C. Suited for applications that need adhesive action during heat treatment or exposure to high temperatures.




Applications – Cosmetic Grade

Sunscreens/Cosmetic creams: ZnSpers, with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and UV blocking properties offers triple protection. It is water-dispersible, which means your sunscreen is non-oily and non-sticky. A small quantity can boost your sunscreen’s SPF significantly.



Diaper-rash creams: A tried and tested product known to be effective against most bacteria and fungi. Safe for babies.





To know more about how our functional zinc oxide can benefit your business, contact: Detail product specification sheet is available.