Tata Shudh


TCL's cement business grew out of a sustainability and environment activity; the cement plant at Mithapur was set up to consume solid waste generated during the manufacture of soda ash. The area around Mithapur is rich in limestone. Given the region's proximity to the sea, salt is also found here in abundance. Lime and salt are the main ingredients in the production of soda ash. The manufacturing process of soda ash leaves behind a large quantity of unutilised limestone and calcium products in the slurry. In order to utilise the by-products and unutilised limestone, TCL put up a modern cement plant at Mithapur.

The cement plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day and manufactures two varieties of cement under the brand name Tata Shudh:

Shudh cement has already acquired a 4 percent share in the cement market in Gujarat despite tough competition from its better-established competitors. It has been recognised as a superior product, ideal for quality construction. Shudh cement far exceeds the quality norms and specifications prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Tata Chemicals' cement products are made in a modern plant with state-of-the-art technology, which includes quality control at every stage of the production process with an online x-ray analyser. This ensures consistently high quality in the manufacturing process.

Cement varieties from TCL deliver a quality advantage which customers can depend and build on. Tata Shudh is preferred by customers because of its superior and consistent quality, and availability through a well-knit distribution network across the state of Gujarat. The company is dedicated to serve its customers by supplying high quality cement as per their specific needs.


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