Allied chemicals


Caustic soda

TCL is able to deliver low-cost caustic soda to the market due to its adoption of energy-efficient, membrane-cell technology and the captive availability of salt and power at the Mithapur facility. As a versatile alkali, caustic soda is used in a variety of industries, the major ones being rayon, cellophane, soap, pulp and paper.

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Chlorine-based products

TCL produces hydrochloric acid and liquid chlorine at its Mithapur facility.

Tata Chemicals Europe makes and sells calcium chloride in its UK facilities.

Product information

The chlorine based products line consists of three categories:

Bromine-based products

TCL manufactures several variants of bromine and bromine-based compounds, such as liquid bromine technical, hydrobromic acid and sodium bromide (photographic grade).

Bromine is used primarily in the manufacture of organic and inorganic bromides. It is also used as a crucial reagent in preparing several organic compounds requiring bromination. Other variants are used in the preparation of photographic emulsions; for processing photographic films and paper; in lithography; as an analytical reagent; as a soil fumigant; and in the making of flame retardants, drilling fluids, water treatment, dyes and brominated pesticides.

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Gypsum, formed in crystalline lumps or powder form, is yet another product from the Tata Chemicals stable.

Gypsum is used as an ingredient for Portland cement, for soil treatment, and to stabilise volatile compounds and dissolve nitrogenous ones. It also finds use as an inert filler in paints, paper, pharmaceuticals, insecticide dusts, etc.