Soaps and detergents


The soaps and detergents industry is a major customer of the soda ash manufactured by Tata Chemicals, and our products can be found in popular brands and products around the world. As one of the world’s largest soda ash companies, and with manufacturing facilities in India, UK, US and Kenya, we are able to provide an efficient supply chain that can service customers across the globe.

Soda ash is used in a slew of laundry and cleaning compound formulations to enhance cleansing properties: as a builder to emulsify oil stains, to reduce the deposit of dirt during washing and rinsing, to provide alkalinity for cleaning, and to soften laundry water. Additionally, soda ash is a component of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP), another major builder in detergent formulations.

Soda ash is used to manufacture ultramarine, which gives white clothes a sparkling look. Shampoos use soda ash as a pH modifier, while soda ash precipitate is used as a soft abrasive in toothpaste. Soda ash is also a key raw material in the production of percarbonates, silicates and phosphates which are used extensively in household cleaning products.

Sodium bicarbonate is used where a milder detergent is required. Its limited solubility is also advantageous in the production of hard surface cleaners.

Our specialty grade silica can be used to improve detergent quality. Silica based detergents impart excellent washing properties to clothes, dish or general powdered cleaners. Its large surface area helps silica carry active ingredients and fragrances in to the system and improves release of actives during washing.