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Tata Swach launches a new variant — Cristella Plus

Tata Swach, the revolutionary brand of nano silver technology water purifiers, today unveiled a new variant — Tata Swach Cristella Plus.

Tata Swach Cristella Plus comes with a scratch-resistant, sturdy body and has the new, fast-action ultra-light Tata Swach Bulb as the cartridge. The Tata Swach Bulb purifies upto 3,000 litres of water. The stylish, sapphire-blue Tata Swach Cristella Plus will now be available across all leading outlets at an attractive price-point of Rs1,499.

Ashvini Hiran, COO, Consumer Product Business, Tata Chemicals, said, "India faces an enormous challenge in providing its citizens with clean potable water free from bacteria and viruses which cause diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and typhoid. We, at Tata Swach, aim to make safe drinking water accessible to a greater number of people across the country, and with this endeavour we have launched the latest variant of Tata Swach — Cristella Plus, a product that is a confluence of silver nano technology, affordability and versatility."

The Tata Swach Bulb in the purifier works on advanced nano silver technology which removes harmful bacteria and viruses as specified in the USEPA guidelines.

While commonly available, branded packaged drinking water costs around Rs15 per litre, Tata Swach nano silver technology water purifier provides safe drinking water at an affordable cost of 15 paise per litre.

A customer can connect on Tata Swach's toll-free helpline numbers 1800-2-5858585 and 1800-2-002205 or e-mail at for any assistance or feedback.

Tata Swach has been named Product of the Year 2012 in the water purifiers category in an independent survey conducted by Nielsen with 30,000 consumers across 36 markets in the country, and has been the recipient of prestigious international awards like Design of the Decade by IDSA, USA (2010); ICIS Innovation Award, UK (2010); iF Product Design Award, Germany (2010); and WSJ's Asian Innovation Award, Hong Kong (2010).