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Tata Salt launches its flavoured variants – 'Flavoritz'

Tata Salt Flavortiz 'Ab Lao Taste mein Twist' offers three exciting choices of flavoured salt — Lemon Coriander, Red Paprika and Onion Garlic along with black pepper powder

Mumbai: Tata Chemicals, the country's leading salt manufacturer and marketer, today announced the launch of a range of flavoured salts called Tata Salt Flavoritz across major cities in India. Flavoritz is the new addition to the Tata Salt family, created to add variety and an element of fun to the nation's most trusted salt brand. Importantly, it also marks the entry of the first indigenous brand of flavoured salts in India.

Tata Salt – Flavoritz' range of products:

  • Lemon Coriander flavoured salt: The distinctive aroma of coriander and the tanginess of lemon come together to create a delectable sprinkling that is perfect for salads, yogurt and raitas.
  • Red Paprika flavoured salt: Flavoritz Red Paprika is perfect to give eggs, pizzas and sandwiches that little burst of fiery flavour.
  • Onion Garlic flavoured salt: The product is a perfect blend of garlic and aromatic onions to give your dish a distinctively robust flavour.
  • Black Pepper Powder: Black pepper powder adds a dash of fresh flavour to savoury dishes and gives a tasty twist to your soups and salads.

Flavoritz is an innovation in the salt category for every Indian homemaker who is enthused with experimentation in food and is looking to add a Taste Mein Twist. These flavoured salts can be used in a variety of traditional and untraditional ways, ranging from dressing up salads, sandwiches and pasta, to enhancing the flavour of parathas and boiled eggs.

Speaking on the launch, Ashvini Hiran, chief operating officer, consumer products division, Tata Chemicals, said, "Being a market leader, Tata Salt has always carried the onus of delivering differentiated value-added offerings within the salt spectrum. Tata Salt has been trusted for consistency in taste, purity, iodine content and assurance of health. With Flavoritz, we are now pleased to add a pinch of flavoured salt to our portfolio. The idea is to give consumers never-tasted-before blends of flavours that give a new dimension to their daily food. Flavoured salt is iodised salt mixed with natural flavours that makes mundane recipes sumptuously tasty."

In-depth consumer research and studies were conducted to identify the flavours and arrive at an optimal product formulation for Flavoritz. The product development journey was an uphill task which needed creating own benchmarks in terms of product stability and striking the right balance between saltiness and combination of flavours. Several combinations were tested over the year to arrive at a formulation that suits Indian palate.

Flavoritz is currently available in three interesting flavours – Lemon Coriander, Red Paprika, Onion Garlic and an extension in the form of black ground pepper powder. The flavoured salts are available in 50gm packs and come in attractive hourglass shaped HDPE sprinkler bottles.