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Tata Chemicals wins National Award for Excellence in Energy Management

Tata Chemicals (TCL) has won the prestigious National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2010 at the awards ceremony held on September 1 and 2, 2010 at Chennai, to recognise and award excellence in energy management. The awards were organised by CII — Sohrabji Godrej GBC.

A total of 106 companies submitted the questionnaire out of which 38 top energy-efficient units were shortlisted by CII, and were eligible to compete for the award. The best 20 companies out of 38, selected by the judges, were awarded a shield along with a certificate which certified them as 'excellent energy efficient units'.

The TCL team comprising Naresh Rustagi, senior manager, technical services, and Arindam Ghosh, assistant manager, ammonia production, made a presentation at this year’s CII National Award competition and TCL was adjudged an 'excellent energy efficient unit'.

The award was presented by Ajay Mathur, director general, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai.