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Tata Chemicals reaches out to Young India

Launches an interactive portal for the kids to enlighten their vision on science and chemistry

Tata Chemicals launched an interactive website for children on chemistry and science at a formal function held on November 9, 2009 to release their research publication ‘Indian Chemical Industry’ by Dun & Bradstreet in Mumbai.

Based on ‘Chemicals are Good, Chemistry is Fun’, Tata Chemicals has conceptualised a portal targeted at school students. The content has been specially selected to inculcate a love for chemistry and add on to the knowledge that students are already imparted through school curriculum. The website includes information spanning different topics including environmental issues like climate change, explanation of how chemicals react and why, naturally occurring chemical compounds, indispensible use of certain chemicals, etc.

R Mukundan, managing director, Tata Chemicals, said, “The underlying need for this initiative is to create positive imagery for the chemical industry, highlight the contributions of the industry and to seed a generation of chemistry lovers ultimately resulting in building a community of chemistry enthusiasts. The site, currently addressing one of the pillars of science, will soon become a comprehensive platform covering many more streams of science.”

The sections, applications and ways to participate have been strategised to encourage participation by schools, students, teachers and chemistry enthusiasts. And since the sciences are now intermingled, this site also has topics that straddle physics and biology to give it a rounded science feel. Considering that the periodic table is something most children are enthused by, the site has a differently designed, easy to recall, table with visuals and animation that brings alive the elements.