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Tata Chemicals' central maintenance services in Mithapur launches two new facilities – pump testing bed and bearing installation room

A first-of-its-kind facility in the chemicals industry

Mithapur: Tata Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of chemicals, fertilisers and food additives, today announced the successful installation of its two new facilities — pump testing bed and bearing installation room. Both the facilities were inaugurated by M Ravindranath, VP, manufacturing, in the central maintenance services (CMS) department of Mithapur plant. For the first time in the history of the Indian chemicals industry, such state-of-the-art facilities were introduced along with in-house design implementation.

The objective of these new facilities is to primarily improve the reliability and efficiency of the 73-year-old plant.

Currently, the Mithapur complex has about 980 pumps. The pump testing bed at shop floor will help to check the various parameters for functioning of pumps, that is, for vibration, flow, head, load, etc prior to installation at the plant. The performance test results will further be recorded in a standard format which will be downloaded in SAP according to the work order. This will ensure overhauling is done'right the first time' and also diagnosing the pumping system problem, if any, is done in an efficient manner.

Whereas the implementation of the bearing installation room facility at CMS will provide dust-free operation in fitting of bearings. This in turn would provide for longer life of the equipment and improve the key performance indicators such as mean time between failure and mean time to repair.