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Tata Chemicals introduces Tata Swach in the Eastern India market

  • Rolls out the ‘cost effective’ water purifier to improve affordability of safe drinking water for millions of Indian
  • Introduces variants of Tata Swach for mass product outreach

Kolkata: With the vision of delivering potable water at affordable price, Tata Chemicals embarked upon a journey and unveiled Tata Swach, the nanotech water purifier, in December 2009 at a price point of Rs999. Since launch, the product has had a very successful run in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Northern India. In recent times, the company has further breached the price point and launched variants of Tata Swach starting from Rs499.

Tata Swach Smart Magic

Key product features
  • New product from the Tata Swach family
  • Turns your water storage container into a purifier --- magically!
  • Makes water purification accessible to everyone, anywhere
  • First ever unbreakable bodied purifier
  • Unbelievably affordable at just Rs499
  • Comes with the advanced Tata Swach bulb – thus carries the same performance guarantee.
  • High on convenience
  • Comes in attractive colour options

Built around a bulb-like water purifier made of natural elements like rice husk ash impregnated with nano-silver particles, Tata Swach is convenient to use. The product development has resulted in 14 patents being filed by the company.

Tata Swach is a portable water purifier and requires no energy or running water to operate. Based on low-cost natural ingredients, it is a replaceable filter-based product, which delivers safe drinking water at a new market benchmark price of Rs30 per month for a family of five.

Speaking at the launch, R Mukundan, managing director, Tata Chemicals, said: “The unveiling of Tata Swach in December last year, was a step taken towards delivering on the commitment that we had set out with, namely providing safe and affordable water purifying options to eradicate water borne diseases. Today’s launch of Tata Swach is very special since the heart of the purifier, the Tata Swach bulb, is made at our Haldia plant in West Bengal.”

Tata Swach Smart

Key product features
  • New product from the Tata Swach family
  • First ever unbreakable bodied purifier
  • Intelligent design -- less number of parts
  • Unbelievably affordable at just Rs749
  • Compact size yet high on capacity (15 liters storage capacity)
  • Comes with the advanced Tata Swach bulb – thus carries the same performance guarantee.
  • Comes in attractive colour options

Adding further Mr Mukundan said, “We are overwhelmed with the response and support garnered for our efforts during the roll out in this new price point, Now, Tata Swach is accessible to thea larger section of the society.”

The new variants of Tata Swach are a continuation of Tata Chemicals’ efforts in providing safe and affordable drinking water to a large strata of society. Tata Swach is now available in three variants of 18, 15 and 7 litres storage capacity in the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Northern and Eastern India markets.

The Tata Swach bulb, which shuts off water supply after its useful life, is priced at Rs299 and is good to purify 3,000 litres.

Note to editors: 
Tata Swach is the result of years of collaboration between several Tata companies, including TCS and Tata Chemicals. Based on an innovative concept developed by the TCS Innovation Labs - TRDDC, the Swach technology combines low-cost ingredients such as rice husk ash with superior nanotechnology. The efficiency of the product has been rigorously tested to meet internationally accepted water purification standards.

Waterborne disease is the single greatest threat to global health. Diseases like diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid, cholera, polio, and gastroenteritis spread rapidly by way of contaminated water. According to a 2007 United Nations report, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from waterborne diseases. In India, such diseases cause more than 1.5 times the deaths caused by AIDS and double the deaths caused by road accidents.