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Tata Chemicals distributes Tata Swach purifiers in villages and schools of Babrala, Uttar Pradesh

One hundred units of the revolutionary Tata Swach water purifier distributed in villages and schools of Babrala, Uttar Pradesh

Babrala / New Delhi: In keeping with the ethos of making a difference to the society, Hawaii Children's Foundation is distributing one hundred Tata Swach water purifiers in the villages and primary schools of Babrala, Uttar Pradesh.

In December 2009, Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, unveiled the innovative and revolutionary water purifier Tata Swach with the primary objective of providing safe and affordable drinking water to large sections of society.

Today, in India, around 500,000 children under five years of age die each year due to waterborne diseases like diarrhoea; 75 per cent of India’s rural population does not have access to safe drinking water and over 80 per cent of diseases and 33 per cent of deaths are caused primarily due to unsafe drinking water.

Speaking on the distribution, OP Tripathi, vice president, manufacturing, Tata Chemicals, said, “We are happy to join hands with Hawaii Children's Foundation and undertake this initiative. Our corporate social responsibility arm, Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development, has been working closely in and around our manufacturing facilities through various community initiatives and has created new benchmarks. The availability of safe drinking water with the help of Tata Swach will help in preventing waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid, cholera, etc and will improve the overall health of our surrounding area. This initiative is another feather in the cap of our people contact programme, and is the beginning of many more initiatives.”

Adding further, Chuck Cotton, vice president and general manager, Clear Channel Radio Hawaii, said, “When we learned about the Tata Swach water purifier, we wanted to find a way to help needy families and we wanted to purchase a number of purifiers and distribute it to those families. So the intention is to give away the purifiers and to meet some of the families and children that we are able to help provide clean drinking water. We look forward to finding additional funds in the United States in order to purchase more purifiers in the future in order to give them away to the families.”

Since its launch last year, Tata Swach has received not only an overwhelming response from consumers but also several awards, including the IDSA design award and the ICIS award for product innovation. This innovation, which combines low-cost ingredients with nanotechnology, is the result of a vision to reduce the incidence of one of the leading causes of death in the country — waterborne diseases.

Tata Swach is a household water purifier and requires no electricity or running water to operate. Using the power of nanotechnology combined with natural ingredients, it delivers safe drinking water at a benchmark price of Re1 per day for a family of five.

The Tata Swach water purifiers are available in three variants i.e., Tata Swach, Tata Swach Smart Smart and Tata Swach Smart Magic, with a water-holding capacity of 18, 15 and 7½ litres, at a price point of Rs999, Rs749 and Rs449, respectively. The replaceable cartridge, Tata Swach Bulb, has a useful life of 3,000 litres and has unique features like the Tata Swach Fuse and the Tata Swach Lock. The fuse has an intelligent mechanism of measuring the amount of water passed through the bulb and has the ability to shut off water flow after its purification capacity gets over. The lock ensures that only a genuine Tata Swach Bulb can fit into a Tata Swach, Tata Swach Smart or Tata Swach Smart Magic. The Tata Swach Bulb retails for Rs299.