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Tata Chemicals celebrates World Environment Day at Mithapur

Encourages employees and citizens to take action and reduce the impact of climate change

Mithapur: In continuation with its 75th year celebration and in line with its commitment to sustainable growth, sustenance, protection and conservation of the environment, Tata Chemicals (TCL) Mithapur plant celebrated World Environment Day 2014 in a unique and distinctive manner by conducting a special online environment quiz and organised several creative initiatives for its employees and the community residing in and around the area of its operation.

The objective of this initiative was to spread the message of protection and enhancement of nature, raise awareness and encourage citizens to take action and help reduce the potential impacts of climate change. The company organised "Environmental Observation Rounds" around the chemical complex and collected plastics and other waste with the help of employee volunteers. The TCL team also put up various banners, visual aids and distributed pamphlets highlighting crucial environmental issues, the benefits of going plastic-free and tips for the conservation of resources.

An unforgettable landmark of Mithapur, the avenue of coconut trees facing the sea was extended by the community members who planted trees inside the TCL plant and the town area. The celebration concluded with prize distribution and speeches by M Ravindranath, vice president, manufacturing, TCL in the presence of employees, local residents and school children of Mithapur.

Speaking at the event, Mr Ravindranath stated, “Tata Chemicals encourages all residents of Mithapur to take advantage of the events and activities being offered on the occasion of World Environment Day. Mithapur enjoys the advantages of urban infrastructure along with the beauty of its idyllic surroundings. We aim to make Mithapur more resilient to extreme conditions and sea level rise by conserving our natural resources and curbing use of pollution causing materials. The company encourages one and all to take simple actions in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the potential impacts of climate change.”

Environment is a key issue in Mithapur, which is an ISO-14001 certified plant. The emphasis is on waste reduction, proper garbage disposal and conservation of natural resources. Environmental awareness drives are held regularly and township has a ‘no plastics’ policy.

TCL is committed to responsible care for the environment from which it draws resource for its Living, Industry, and Farm Essentials (LIFE) product portfolio. Since the past decade, the company has initiated various programmes on environment protection, sustenance and eco-conscious growth and aims to serve society through science. As a member of the Tata group, TCL aims to abate climate change with a sense of shared responsibility and has started tracking its carbon footprint in order to reduce carbon emissions. The company is committed to Responsible Care as a value to save the planet for its future generations to come, as it’s all about LIFE.

An initiative of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Environment Day is an annual event that is aimed at being the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.