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Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development organises de-worming camp for animals in Okhamandal

17 camps organised and 51,950 small animals de-wormed as a precaution against an epidemic

Many small and large animals are becoming victims of various epidemics following the monsoon rains. In Okhamandal area, scores of goats and sheep died due to an unknown epidemic.

Dr Merja Saab of the Animal Health Center, Dwarka, and Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) organised a de-worming camp in 17 villages of Okhamandal (Baradia, Dhinki, Navi Ghavad, Bhimpara, Mota Bhavda, Mulvasar, Aniyari, Ladwa, Vasai, Ghasanvel, Varvala, Bhimrala, Armbhada, Padli, Poshitra, Gadhechi, Rajpura and Mulvel).

At this camp, animals were given a liquid dose to protect them against intestinal worms. In over 17 villages, 51,950 small animals, including sheep and goats, were covered and 286 cowherds  of 17 villages benefitted through these camps. Dr Saab and staff of TCSRD, and volunteers at Tata Chemicals, put in extra effort to make this programme a success.