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TCSRD builds 1000 parapet walls around the wells in Gir as part of the lion conservation project of the Gujarat government

Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) completed building of parapet wall around the 1000 wells in the Gir forest as a part of the lion conservation project of the Gujarat government. TCL had committed to make the 1000 wells safe in a phased manner under this project. The project was accomplished in August 2009.

The initiatives were part of TCSRD’s overall objective to foster development that is sustainable and integrated. Be it helping with natural resource management, livelihood support or the building of a health and education infrastructure, TCSRD has aimed at improving the lot of the rural citizens of Okhamandal and Babrala.

Said, B Sudhakar, chief human resources officer, “Over the years TCSRD has been contributing towards sustainable development of communities and environment in the Okhamandal region. Conservation of bio-diversity has been one of the focus areas of TCSRD and Conservation of Asiatic Lions project in the GIR sanctuary aptly provided us the opportunity to contribute towards saving this endangered species along with the Gujarat government. We are proud to be part of this project and being true to our credo ‘The Human Touch of Chemistry’, will continue to focus on sustainable development in the geographies we operate in, as always.”