Tata Chemicals operates in the sectors of consumer products, industry chemicals, agri-solutions and nutraceuticals.

Consumer products

Through its portfolio of Living Essentials, the company has positively impacted millions of people in India. The Tata Salt brand is a market leader in India's branded iodised salt segment, and is a part of the everyday life of over 600 million consumers. The brand has two other variants: Tata Salt Lite (low sodium salt) and Tata Salt Plus (iron-fortified salt).

With the introduction of Tata Swach, an innovative, low-cost and nanotechnology-based water purifier, TCL provides affordable and safe drinking water to the people. Tata Swach offers complete water purification solutions through its range of non-electric, UV and RO purifiers.

Extending its portfolio from salt to other food products in 2010, TCL unveiled India's first national brand of pulses, Tata Sampann (formerly called I-Shakti). Through this brand, the company aims to provide a wholesome farm-fresh source of daily protein to the Indian thali (Hindi for plate).

Industry chemicals

Under the umbrella of Industry Essentials, TCL produces products which serve as essential inputs to diverse industries such as glass, detergents, sodium silicate, textiles, food, feed, mining and chemical processing. TCL is the world's second-largest producer of soda ash, with a global capacity of 4.3 MT per annum, with manufacturing operations in India, USA, UK and Kenya.

The company also manufactures sodium bicarbonate at Mithapur, India, and in UK, which is used by industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, feed, dyes, flue gas treatment and textiles. TCL is the fourth-largest producer of sodium bicarbonate, with a combined capacity of about 0.2 MT per annum.

The allied chemicals manufactured by the company include caustic soda, liquid chlorine, liquid bromine and gypsum. TCL manufactures various grades of industrial salt at its UK facility. Its various grades include undried vacuum salt, pure dried vacuum salt, water-softening products, de-icing salt products and bespoke products.

The cement plant at Mithapur, India, was set up to consume solid waste generated from the manufacture of soda ash. This plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day and produces two varieties of cement – OPC grade 53 and masonry cement – under the Tata Shudh brand.


Tata Chemicals has carved a strong position in India as a provider of agri-solutions. Through two subsidiaries, Rallis India Limited (Rallis) and Metahelix Life Sciences Limited (Metahelix), we provide innovative products and services to the Indian farm sector.

Rallis has a portfolio of crop protection chemicals, seeds, plant growth nutrients, soil conditioners and agri-services and serves the international market through contract manufacturing and registration based sales. Metahelix is a world-class biotechnology innovator in the eld of seed hybridisation.

Nutritional solutions

Consumers are looking for natural, convenient, safe and effective foods and supplements that support their lifestyle and deliver adequate nutrition. We want consumers to view health as nutrition-based and not medicine-based, and innovation in food science is helping us deliver on this promise. Our nutritional solutions business through its umbrella brands — Tata NQ and Tata Nx — provides an innovative range of products, including prebiotics and healthier alternatives to regular sugar.

Tata Nx is Tata Chemicals' foray into Indian nutraceuticals for the retail sector. Tata Nx is a new age range of nutritional solutions for today’s consumers who are health conscious. It delivers healthy nutrition — backed by cutting edge science — to fulfill the daily nutrition needs of our consumers.

Tata NQ is our B2B range of innovative and science-backed nutritional ingredients and formulations in the areas of gut microbiota modulation and personalised health solutions.