Westmoreland and Tata Chemicals sign extension of long-term coal supply agreement

Englewood, CO and Green River, WY: Westmoreland Coal Company (Westmoreland) (NasdaqGM: WLB), through its subsidiary Westmoreland Kemmerer, Inc., has today announced the signing of a long-term coal supply agreement with Tata Chemicals North America, Inc. (Tata Chemicals North America) in order to supply coal from the Kemmerer Mine. The new agreement replaces the existing contract which was set to terminate in 2016. The agreement extends the contract through 2026.

"Tata Chemicals North America is a valued partner of Westmoreland at our Kemmerer Mine and we are extremely pleased to have extended our contract with Tata Chemicals till 2026," said Keith Alessi, chief executive officer. "The contract provides the Kemmerer Mine a long-term partnership with a key industrial customer and we look forward to a continued beneficial relationship," he added.

"We are very proud to extend our partnership with a company that has been an essential part of the community in this state in the recent years. Both Tata Chemicals North America, Inc. and Westmoreland have storied histories that date back over a century, with our mines and operations in Wyoming now an important part of our respective businesses. We take pride in being able to foster and support this significant economic activity in Wyoming," said Martin Keighley, managing director of Tata Chemicals North America.

Soda ash is a key industrial chemical used principally for the manufacturing of glass. It is also used in a number of consumer products including toothpaste, laundry soap and baking soda. At Tata Chemical's facility in Green River, Wyoming, hydrated sodium bicarbonate carbonate (Na3HCO3CO3-2H2O), or trona, is mined and refined through a heating process to produce soda ash.