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How Tata Salt Won Hearts at Kumbh Mela

Over the years, Kumbh Mela has become a paradise for brands as it offers them a huge opportunity to connect with their target audiences. In the past, some of the top brands from different categories have done innovations to stand out from the clutter at the event.

This year, Tata Salt rolled out a campaign, ' Shudh Bhojan ka Shudh Aarambh'. In light of this initiative, Tata Salt has tried to return with the long lost tradition of having a pinch of salt before a meal. As per the Indian tradition, salt is believed to be auspicious, life-giving, and life-preserving.

The key insight behind the campaign was that people do not think about salt and Indian people love salty foods.

So, Tata Salt decided to dig deeper into the history of salt and the traditions associated with it in the county. It started working towards honoring the ancient belief and restoring the rightful place of salt in the Indian thali because of its several health benefits.

During the research, Tata Salt found that as per Indian tradition salt was believed to be divine, and a potent symbol of good luck. They also came across an ancient tradition which said that the salt was the first thing that was served to people in their meals on an auspicious occasion for both spiritual and scientific reasons.

The brand took this research forward and spoke to several people running kitchens in Ujjain, and found that some devotees still follow the practice.

Later, they launched its innovation where they created a special section in Tata Salt branded Thali for salt in order to give salt its rightful place. As part of this initiative, the brand has distributed nearly one lakh branded thalis to 15 akhara kitchens. Food made of Tata Salt was served in this branded thalis to thousands of Kumbh pilgrims. For the preparations of the food, over 35 tonnes of Tata Salt was distributed to the akharas. Spread over a period of four weeks, the campaign reached over 50 lakh pilgrims.

Courtesy — adageindia