Magadi Soda Foundation sets a high bar for education in Kajiado County

14th September marked important milestone for Magadi Soda Foundation as it launched its inaugural Magadi Education Day. The education day brought together students, parents, teachers, education stakeholders and alumni beneficiaries drawn from all corners of the county to commemorate the Foundation’s achievements and milestones in making a difference in the lives many needy and bright students in Magadi and Kajiado as a whole.

On his part Foundation Manager David Aoll says ‘Tata Chemicals Magadi and Magadi Soda Foundation have so far provided bursaries to 1622 beneficiaries with 103 graduates and five post graduates having benefitted from this initiative. The impact is impressive but there is so much more to do’ ‘The foundation plans to positively influence thousands of students and to show hundreds of teachers that we support their work’ he continues.

Also in attendance was Tata Chemicals Magadi Board of Directors Vice Chair Dr. Titus Naikuni ‘The fund has been paying fees for bright children in secondary, colleges and public universities across the country shared between the communities in Magadi and the larger Kajiado county,” said Naikuni.

The Foundation has worked closely with schools, teachers and parents to improve the standards of education in Magadi and Kajiado County and provide access to education especially to needy students. The Foundation is also committed to attach value to education through the Magadi Bursary program. The program has seen 1622 beneficiaries benefiting from the initiative from primary education all the way to university. The Foundation’s aim is to build champions who will be positive role models and in turn give back to the community.

‘The foundation remains committed to supporting the performance and educational agenda of all the schools in the county and we look forward to a better partnership in the days to come’ says Aoll.
About Magadi Soda Foundation

Magadi soda foundation (MSF) is a corporate trust incorporated under the trustees’ perpetual succession act. The founder is Tata Chemicals Magadi Limited.

The foundation, being a part of the respected Tata brand, is committed the social and economic empowerment of our community. The foundation was incorporated in 2015.

The mandate of the foundation is to deliver projects in health, water, sanitation, education and economic empowerment through partnerships and innovation.

The foundation focuses on projects that deliver long sustainability and community transformation to residents of Magadi and beyond.

The flag stream projects include-eco tourism, bead work and dry land agriculture. The foundation aligns its programs with the sustainable development goals and especially the Sustainable Development Goals number four (to promote inclusive and equitable quality to promote lifelong opportunities for all) and number one (focused at eliminating poverty in the community).