Tata Chemicals believes in enhancing shareholder value through good corporate governance, which involves transparency, empowerment, accountability and integrity.

Corporate governance is about doing the right things, at the right time, in the right manner. It envisages a simplified and transparent corporate structure driven solely by business needs and hence is a journey and not a destination. It stems from the culture and mindset of the management and is therefore beyond the realm of law. It leads to improved employee morale and higher productivity, thereby providing a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

The fundamental objective of corporate governance policies is to promote corporate fairness, transparency, accountability and responsiveness. These policies seek to focus on enhancement of stakeholder value with integrity, social responsibility and compliance with the laws, thereby satisfying the law in spirit and not merely in word.

Tata Chemicals adheres to the principles of corporate governance by consistently striving towards improved operational performance, through the Tata Code of Conduct and the Tata Business Excellence Model.

For more details on corporate governance, refer to the corporate governance report 2018-19