Tata NQ


The Nutritional Science division of Tata Chemicals Ltd, under the brand Tata NQ, offers nature-inspired and science-backed ingredient and formulation solutions catering to human and animal health. The flagship product lines of Tata NQ — FOSSENCE® and GOSSENCE® — are Prebiotic dietary fibers that promote the growth of gut microbiome, and improve digestive & immune health.

Tata NQ’s products find use in multiple applications across health foods, beverages, cereals, nutraceuticals, confectionery, and specialised geriatric, infant, women and sports nutrition food supplements. With our food-tech experts, we are continuously working with global players in the food segment and developing new products and recipes to keep pace with fast-changing food industry requirements.


The prebiotics and dietary fibers in our portfolio are:

Fructo Oligosaccharide

FOSSENCE® is a 100% soluble, potent prebiotic and dietary fiber made from fermented cane sugar, which selectively enhances the growth of beneficial microbiota in the gut. Healthy microbiome is known to improve immunity, nutrient absorption, lipid transport and overall digestive and bowel health.

  • FOSSENCE® PRO – for infant food applications
  • FOSSENCE® – for food & beverage and nutraceuticals applications
  • Available in powder and liquid forms


Galacto Oligosaccharide

GOSSENCE® is a prebiotic and dietary fiber made from fermentation of lactose, which selectively enhances the beneficial microbiota in the gut especially bifidobacteria. GOS forms a major part of human milk oligosaccharides present in human mothers’ milk and is known to improve immunity, nutrient absorption, lipid transport and overall digestive and bowel health.

  • GOSSENCE® PRO – for infant food, food & beverage and nutraceutical applications
  • Available in powder and liquid forms


Expertise: Tata Chemicals is among the few manufacturers of prebiotics using whole-cell fermentation and in-house developed patented technology. Tata NQ is supported by a multidisciplinary team of scientists working on microbiome science (the core science platform) and fermentation technology (the manufacturing platform).

We have numerous publications and patents to our name and are actively involved in building the scientific understanding of microbiome science, especially microbiota in the gut, and the benefits rendered by them.

Tata Chemicals has formed research alliances with academia and research institutions in order to build on their shared strengths in research and innovation. We are actively working with various universities and research bodies to further develop the understanding of microbiome and its effect. Tata Chemicals has also advanced in mapping of the Indian microbiome and the effect of prebiotics on the human microbiome through independent large scale studies.

Our facility: Tata NQ manufactures its products in a state-of-the-art FSSC 22000 certified facility that is designed to comply with global 21 CFR infant nutrition norms. With a traceable supply chain and automated production system, this facility ensures quality is monitored at every step.

We pride ourselves for furthering the ‘Responsible Manufacturing’ agenda of TCL with our commitment to sustainability demonstrated by zero fossil fuel usage, lower carbon emissions, usage of solar energy for plant operations which provides a substantial part of the power required, rain water harvesting to combat water stress and zero liquid discharge.

For more details, visit www.tatanq.com