Tata Nx Zero Sugar


Tata NX Zero Sugar is 100% natural* and is made from stevia herb extract and lactose which has been used as a bulking agent. It has a low Glycaemic Index** and is suitable for people who have been advised to reduce their sugar intake. It blends easily in hot and cold beverages. Now enjoy the goodness of natural sweetener with Tata Nx Zero Sugar.

What make Tata Nx Zero Sugar the best alternative to regular sugar?

Most sugar alternatives are artificial, unlike Tata NX Zero Sugar which contains the all natural Stevia herb extract and Lactose as a bulking agent. This makes it suitable for people who have been medically advised to avoid sugar.

Stevia - Nature's alternative to Sugar

Modern times boasts of one of the greatest discoveries of health - Stevia leaves. Although around for centuries, its health benefits are now getting acknowledged worldwide. Stevia is a sweet herb from nature that contains zero calories. It is natural and safe for consumption.

Low Glycaemic Index

TATA Nx Zero Sugar has low Glycaemic Index and low Glycaemic Load, which makes it a healthy natural alternative sweetener. Savour the natural goodness of TATA Nx Zero sugar for a healthy lifestyle!


  • Cold Beverages
  • Hot Beverages

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*Based on the ingredients used

**Based on the low glycaemic index of the ingredients used