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Specialty precipitated Silica in Oral Care Application

Tata Chemicals' specialty grades of silica can be used as thickening agent in toothpaste for improved thixotropic properties. The characteristics include: good compatibility, option of transparency, adjustable viscosity for consistent thixotropic properties, good storage stability, good flavor stability, excellent fluoride compatibility, abrasion and sensitivity performance, and superior cleaning performance.

The following grades are available:

  • TaversilTM T180 (for thickening)
  • TaversilTM A50 (for abrasive)

Nano Zinc Oxide for Cosmetics & Personal Care

ZnSpers — A superior quality of dispersible nano zinc oxide, possesses anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and UV blocking properties. This triple-protection formula, combined with high water-dispersibility, enhances the SPF factor of sunscreens, besides making it non-oily and non-sticky.

Tata Chemicals also markets nano zinc oxide in micro-fine powder — ZnCare C and Zing C Spl.

ZnCareC- Functionalised nano zinc oxide used in cosmetics and other personal care products specially the water based products such as sun creams. The main advantage of this grade is blocking of harmful, high energy UV portion of sunlight.

Zncare C helps in boosting the SPF value of the sun creams and proven its efficacy as anti-bacterial agent against no. of bacteria strains, and as anti-fungal agent.

Zing C Spl — Pure grade nZnO in powder form, is safe for babies and can be used in diaper-rash creams to enhance protection against most bacteria and fungi.

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