Food and nutrition


Tata Chemicals has a big presence in several segments of the food industry – table salts, dals and pulses, masalas and spices, nutritional solutions, and so on.

Tata Sampann is our brand of masalas, spices, dals and besan – all pure and authentic food products that retain their natural goodness and nutritional value.

Our iconic brand Tata Salt is today a favourite with 600 million consumers in India. Tata Salt Lite is a low sodium salt, especially created for those who need a low-sodium diet such as patients of high blood pressure. Tata Salt Plus is India's first national brand of double fortified salt – iodine plus iron – which addresses the issue of anaemia and iron deficiency. These are examples of how the company believes in using science to improve people's everyday lives.

Tata Salt Flavoritz was the first indigenous brand in the Indian flavoured salts segment. I-Shakti is a free flow solar refined salt. It was launched to help users of loose salt and local branded salts to upgrade to a product that was more consistent in terms of quality and price.

We have introduced a range of nutritional solutions under the brand name SustentialsTM. Sustentials offers innovative nutritional ingredients like prebiotics, oligosaccharides and polyols which help ensure both taste and health in modern foods.

Tata Chemicals’ food grade sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is used as a 'raising agent' in a wide range of bakery and confectionery products. Our calcium chloride is used as a secondary refrigerant in production and preservation of a wide variety of perishable goods, such as ice cream, sweets, vegetables, juices, fish, poultry and meats.

TCL's nutritional solutions business caters to food, beverage, nutra and pharma industry and has various products within the brand.

Under the Nutraceutical portfolio, the company offers nature-sourced, science and tech backed ingredients and formulations with specific health benefits Its, a dietary fiber, has wide applications in dietary supplements, pet feed and functional foods including bakery, dairy, sweets and confectionaries. Gossence™ with one of the highest prebiotic indices is most preferred for infant foods and children food application. With better bioavailability and high dispersbility, the CoCurcumin complexes, developed inhouse, offers a highly effective form of curcumin which finds use in anti-inflammatory applications. The range of Indian herbal extracts like Garcinia Camobgia, ginger root extract, Ashwagandha, Pomegranate extract, Senna extract finds application in nutra and pharma supplements and have several targeted health benefits.

Under the company's Wellness Foods segment, the company offers sweetener solutions and other range of products like Soy proteins (concentrated, texturised vegetable proteins), stabilisers (Carrageenan blends), cocoa and additives like Vanillin targeting the food industry – bakery, dairy, sweets and confectionary. The company specializes in providing customised health and functional solutions as per the requirement of the customer, the applications and aids in prototyping as well.