Animal nutrition


TCL's refined sodium bicarbonate (Alkakarb®) is ideally suited for poultry feed and diet for dairy animals. It is of particular value as a non-chloride source of sodium in poultry diets. Bicarbonate is also essential for strengthening eggshell quality under intensive production systems. When added to diets for dairy animals, sodium bicarbonate effectively counters the acidity of silage- and cereal-based concentrates, maintaining feed pH at its optimum level.

TCL’s vacuum salt forms a vital component of cattle licks as it provides much-needed salt and minerals to dairy livestock and acts as a supplement their normal diet. Cattle licks are available either as plain salt blocks or mineralised salt blocks that also contain essential nutrients such as cobalt, zinc, iron, copper, manganese and iodine. The supplements present in mineralised salt blocks enhance the milk production in milch cattle and keeps them healthy by regulating their metabolism.

TCL's vacuum salt is almost free from extraneous matter. It is edible common salt, manufactured by evaporating sea brine in steam-heated vacuum evaporators. It can be dissolved very quickly due to its fine crystalline structure and is more freely available in salting-out processes.

Metal salts as supplements

Our lithium-ion battery recycling unit is a source of metal salts in the form of cobalt sulfate and manganese sulfate.

Manganese Sulfate solution (MnSO4) finds use as fodder additive in livestock and feedstuff industry, owing to its weight-improving properties.

Cobalt Sulfate (CoSO4) finds use in veterinary medication to prevent and treat cobalt deficiency in ruminant animals. It is also used as a supplement in animal feed to provide enough cobalt for ruminant animals to produce vitamin B12.