Innovation at Tata Chemicals is focused on delivering value to the customer. Though we began as a chemicals company, we have been able to integrate chemicals with other sciences. At present, we have three centres for innovation and advancement in India.

The innovation thrust aims at developing products and services positioned at the intersection of physics and chemistry (nanotechnology) and biology and chemistry (biotechnology). We have a robust R&D set-up with three state-of-the-art R&D centres – one at Pune and two in Bengaluru, India. Our innovation focus has led to us filing over 170 patents. We also continually strengthen our R&D commitment through increased industry-academia collaboration to access cutting-edge research and collaborative R&D.

Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre, Pune

The Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre is a world class R&D facility built with the intention of creating new business avenues for the company. Currently, the centre is working on projects in the areas of Performance materials, Nutritional Sciences, and Green Chemistry and Sustainable Materials.

We are building strong patent portfolios in Silica, Silanes and allied Performance Materials. We have successfully been granted patents for Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS) product and process in India, and the US and European geographies. Continuous application support is being provided for patented nano zinc oxide which imparts anti-microbial and UV-blocking properties in consumer products.

Sustainability remains a key focus of our innovation. We have currently initiated work on new sustainable chemistries in bio-based surfactants, conversion of CO2 to value-added materials and applications in Bicarbonate and Soda Ash.

We are using our expertise in fermentation technology to strengthen our nutrition portfolio. We have developed an Inulin manufacturing technology (long chain oligosaccharides) to enhance prebiotic portfolio for newer applications and customer base. We have completed human clinical trials to test the efficacy of our fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) on human gut. For animal nutrition, a formulation has been developed that increases milk yield for which overall performance trials are under validation. Read more

Rallis Innovation Chemistry Hub (RICH), Bengaluru

RICH is the Rallis hub for R&D. Recognised by DSIR, RICH works on developing new molecules, formulations and products which can be commercialised not only in India but also in international markets. Apart from new product pipelines, it focuses on developing innovative and safer formulations for eco-friendly water-based products, and scalable green technology.

We have built our crop protection and crop nutrition formulations portfolio around innovative and potential molecules. Recent product launches include:

  • Crop Protection: PePe (herbicide for rice); Prodim (herbicide for soybean); and Zaafu (fungicide for rice)
  • Crop Nutrition: AQUAFERT® Foliar Apple; AQUAFERT® Foliar Cotton; SURPLUS – Kerala grade
  • Bio-pesticides: Ralli DERMA; Ralli FLOMONAS; Ralli PECILO WP; and Ralli BACTILIS

We continue to further our journey in precision agriculture. Rigorous research activities are in progress for using drones to spray crop protection formulations and crop nutrition products on various crops, focused on driving uniformity and efficiency in application. This would also help in reducing manpower requirement, application time and usage of water and chemicals.

Agri-Biotech R&D Facility, Bengaluru

The Agri-Biotech R&D Facility, Bengaluru is a facility focusing on developing traits and technologies for crop protection and improved productivity. It also provides customised research to select companies using its proprietary technologies in crop transformation and functional genomics.

Tata Chemicals R&D Centre, Mithapur

The Mithapur R&D centre was recognised by DSIR in 1974 for its path-breaking industrial research. Over the years, it has forged innovative solutions to resolve critical plant and production issues, such as pioneering iodised vacuum-dried salt in India, use of effluent solids for cement manufacture, seawater-based cooling towers for Mithapur (which is a water-deficient region), use of seawater for brine preparation for soda ash manufacture, use of undersized limestone and boiler fly ash for cement manufacture, bromine dehydration and dechlorination, manufacture of double-fortified salt and sulphate of potash, among others.

Recent awards

  • India’s Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in 2021 by CII (third time in a row)
  • Two National awards at ISQ Quality Innovation Awards
  • International Prize Winner of Quality Innovation Award by QIA Laatukeskus Excellence Finland (only Indian company to win this award)
  • Tata Global Innovista 2021-2022 Award for Galacto–oligosaccharide (GOS) technology
  • Special Appreciation Award for IP practices and portfolio from CII at CII Industrial IP Awards