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Tata Kisan Sansar: Enabling, empowering

Kisan: farmer; Sansar: world; Parivar: family

The objective of the Tata Kisan Sansar (TKS) network is to enable and empower the farmer in creating and generating more value for farm produce by providing information on new and improved agronomic practices and by facilitating better and more efficient use of agricultural inputs. The philosophy behind TKS is to become a change agent for the Indian farming community.

TKS functions as a hub and spoke model. Each TKS centre is a franchised retail outlet and solution provider that caters to about 30-40 villages in the surrounding area. The centres are in turn serviced by about 30-odd resource centres (known as Tata Krishi Vikas Kendras or TKVK), with each resource centre looking after 17-18 TKS centres.

TKS provides the following Access to expert advice: There are more than 60 agronomists available at the hubs to provide advice on crops and farming issues. There are more than 150 organisers at the TKS level.

Inputs: TKS centres provide generic as well as store brands of

Fertilisers: Urea, DAP, MOP, NPK, etc
Specialty fertilisers: Zinc sulphate, boron, micronutrients, calcium nitrate, organics, water soluble fertilisers
Seeds: Field crops, vegetable crops
Pesticides: Entire range
Farm implements  

Training: In nutrient and pest management


Soil and water testing
Contract farming
Seed production
Application services
Advisory services

Relationship building:

Farmer membership (individual & group)
Accident insurance to members
Farmer meets
Crop seminars