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Tata Swach

Water for health
Tata Swach is an offline household water purification system which uses natural materials and cutting edge nanotechnology to deliver safe and affordable drinking water.

Unique and innovative

Tata Swach's unique features are:

Does not require electricity or running water, thus making it feasible for use in both urban and rural areas.
Contains no harmful chemicals such as chlorine, iodine or bromine.
Contains the innovative Tata Swach bulb that uses adnaced TSRF technology to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in water and makes it safe to drink.
Includes a unique Fuse system that prompts the user well in advance that it is time to replace the bulb. The bulb shuts down automatically once its purification power is exhausted.
Each bulb purifies 3,000 litres of safe drinking water.

Health concerns
The Tata Swach purifier has been designed to tackle one of India's biggest social and technological challenges – the need for safe drinking water. In India, water-borne diseases cause more than 1.5 times the deaths caused by Aids and double the deaths caused by road accidents. With much of India's population lacking access to safe drinking water or the resources to source it, the delivery of safe, convenient and affordable water has been a critical challenge that Tata Swach aims to fill.

Affordable and safe
The vision for Tata Swach is to reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases by making safe drinking water affordable to millions. Built around a bulb-like water purifier made of natural rice husk ash and nano-silver particles, Tata Swach is designed for convenience and affordability. Tata Swach purifies a litre of water at a cost of a mere 10paise (100 paise =1rupee; approx Rs45 = US$1).

Once the purification power of the bulb gets exhausted (after around 3,000 litres), it stops functioning. Tata Swach has an additional feature called Tata Swach Lock designed to safeguard customers from counterfeit products.

Around 14 patents have been filed for the Tata Swach purifier. Its performance capabilities have been tested across reputed laboratories in India, the UK and the Netherlands as per USEPA standards.

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For more information see www.tataswach.com