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The pulses of India

In 2010, Tata Chemicals extended its i-Shakti brand, which initially launched with salt, to a range of quality pulses.

Dal (pulses) is the mainstay of a majority of Indians, cutting across social and economic strata. i-Shakti was launched with the mission to not only bridge the existing gap between demand and supply of pulses in the country; but also provide reliable quality, hygienic pulses to Indian households.

High on health
All natural and farm fresh, i-Shakti Dals are available in 4 varieties: chana, toor, urad and moong (including green moong and green chilka).

Every grain is 100-per cent laser-sorted and graded to ensure that consumers get no impurities, damaged or weevilled grains.

Focussed on providing a healthy, nutritious product, i-Shakti Dals are unpolished and have not been damaged by artificial stone powder, colour or oil. While processing i-Shakti Dals, no marble powder (very harmful for intestines), oil polish (added fat), water polish (source of water is unknown) or leather belt polish (animal skin touch) is added. The company takes special care to conserve the inherent quality of the pulses and the nutrient values in i-Shakti Dals.

A social effort
Under the aegis ‘Grow More Pulses’, launched as a public, private partnership (PPP) in Punjab and Tamil Nadu respectively, the farming community in India was induced to cultivate pulses, It is through this initiative that the procurement and marketing of i-Shakti Dals is undertaken.