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Materials of the future

Tata Chemicals has developed several new products based on nanotechnology:

Nano zinc oxide
Nano silica
Nano silver

Nano zinc oxide particles (n:ZnO) have a number of commercial applications. They find a wide range of technological applications – they can be used as broad spectrum transparent UV blockers in sunscreens, as anti-microbial agents (in coatings, paints etc), and as light-emitting phosphors in emissive devices. Other applications include pulp paper industry and textiles. Tata Chemicals has developed its own patented process for synthesising these particles on an industrial scale.

TCL's n:ZnO material has the following properties:

Available as free flowing powders
Can be dispersed in commonly available solvents
Has spherical morphology; nanocrystallites size 3-20 nm
Is transparent to visible part of the solar spectrum and completely blocks UVA and UVB part of solar spectrum
Possesses anti-microbial properties

Loading is less because of higher cross-section of absorption in the UV spectrum, due to small size particle