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Company Tata Chemicals
Location Babrala, Uttar Pradesh, India
Products Crop nutrition: Urea
Plant info Installed capacity of 8,64,600 tonnes of urea per year, which constitutes nearly 12 per cent of the total urea produced by the country’s private sector.

Two identical streams, each of 1,310 tonnes per day capacity of urea.

Ammonia plant with a capacity of 1,520 tonnes per day.

The plant has been awarded the Sword of Honour four times by the British Safety Council. It is the only fertiliser plant in the country that uses dual feedstock: natural gas and naphtha.

Expansion plans The plant has received MoEF environmental clearance and consent from the State Pollution Control Board for setting up a customised fertiliser plant.

Urea fertilizer plant
EC conditions compliance 2015-16
Customized fertiliser plant
CFP-EC conditions compliance 2015-16
Babrala-II Expansion Project
EC Compliance Letter 2014-15